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Hi There, My names Danny and this is my first review page so I thought I would introduce myself a little before publishing my views and reviews so you guys have a little background knowledge on me :)

ZampleBox - March 20
I used to smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day depending if I was out or not as it could increase considerably to 25-30!  I stopped smoking in 2014 for 3 months using a set of Kangertech Evo-D's with a 12mg liquids from a local shop and soon found that under stress at work or even the satisfaction of smoking just wasn't the same as having a real cigarette would so I ended up smoking again.  1 Year on and I have quit again on the correct strength liquid(18mg) using a basic starter kit.  

Months have gone by and I am now vaping on different box mods, tanks, RDA's using 6mg quality liquids from all over.  I even have a monthly ZampleBox subscription from America so each month I receive some lovely different brands and flavours according to my flavour profile.  The wait for this box of liquids arriving each month is amazing, you don't know what you will get flavour wise or if you will like any of it at all(which is a risk I've taken and so far I have liked 90% of the box each month!).
Twister Coil Build - Doge RDA

I treat vaping more as a hobby now rather than something to stop smoking, I don't miss smoking at all and each day I love waking up and grabbing a coffee then looking at all my different liquids and picking a flavour to vape all day.  Some days I get my dripper out because I can't pick so I swap flavours constantly.  I enjoy building coils for my RDA's and experimenting with builds watching YouTube on how to make new ones and how to wick them.

I have gone from a basic 1100Mah starter kit with a 1.6ml plastic clearomizer to owning a few VV/VW box mods and several normal/SubOhm Tanks to swap and change with daily.  

I will hopefully be posting daily/weekly updates of juice reviews, mods and tanks.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my reviews!


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