Thursday, 16 April 2015

Box MOD Review - Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0

Ego Style Starter Kits
Here goes my first mod review.  I first quit smoking and began vaping with a basic ego style starter kit, 1100Mah battery with disposable plastic cartomizer with cheap local liquids which at the time I thought were amazing until I soon found other brands and proper manufactured liquids.

The starter kit was great, lasting a day of vaping and going through 1.6ml of liquids a day but began to get a bit boring and I had seen all these fancy mods and tanks (I'm a bit of a technology geek) so I decided to do some research and find a new box mod, now when I bought and was doing the research on these mods a great step up to vv/vw mods was the MVP 2.0 which at the time was a great mod and really easy to use for a beginner getting into these upgrades.

Invoking MVP 2.0 details can be found here on their website - MVP 2.0

What attracted me to this device was that it was a variable wattage and a variable voltage device, ohmmeter to read the resistance of the tank used, larger battery that would last me slightly longer than the cheap starter kit, you could charge and vape(passthrough technology), had a nice digital display that was bright and clear and that it was a portable power device for charging external devices like mobiles.
MVP 2.0

The colours it came in were limited but it looked cool and came with its own clearomizer.  It could vape from 6.0 to 11.0 watts in .5 increments(3.3 to 5v in .1 increments) which at the time was incredible for someone just getting into this kind of territory.

The battery mod itself fits comfortably in your hand  which was a worry for me going form a thin pen like shape to a larger rectangle box.  It was easy to use and I had no issues turning the wattage up and down.  

iClear 16
I used the clearomizer that came with it(iClear 16) which was just a slightly better cartomizer(dual coil) than the cheap ones I was using before except with this you could buy new coils and replace them yourself.  It was a better vape overall than the starter kit was, I found that I could get more vapour and flavour and it was lasting me 2-3 days rather than 1 day.

I would recommend this battery mod to any beginners looking for a way off the cheap kits and into the world of box mods with vv/vw capability and better tanks to go with it.  At the time of purchasing this mod there wasn't many others that could rival it for the price but now there are a lot of better, smaller and cheaper mods available for instance the eleaf stick range and the new mvp range.


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