Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Liquid Review - Beard Vape Co.

Ever since I started vaping new and exciting flavours from the bigger and better known manufacturers rather than just the thin, tasteless juices from local shopsBeard Vape Co has been on my list of juices I wanted to try.  So when UK Ecig Store announced they were now stocking their liquids I instantly stuck in an order of the liquid that I wanted desperately!

I ordered 3 x 15ml bottles which came the next day.  The service from UK Ecig Store is excellent and I always use them for the majority of my vaping equipment. Below are the liquids I ordered with website description.

  1. No. 05 - New York Cheesecake with Strawberries on top
  2. No. 51 - Vanilla Custard with a dash of Vanilla Custard
  3. No. 88 - Mint Chocolate Cookie
Each liquid came in a nice brown glass bottle with child proof lock, Nice textured label with a great, large beard logo on with warnings and the nicotine details.

No. 05
Initial opening of the bottle after a good shake and the smell was quite sweet with hints of biscuit and vanilla.  I dripped these liquids on my new Plumeveil RDA Clone(as pictured above with the liquids) and the vapour was amazing! Huge clouds with intense flavour!  It wasn't a sweet vape at all, on the inhale was a lovely biscuit vanilla cheesecake which was more biscuit with sweet undertone and the exhale had a sort of strawberry sauce flavour which mixed nice and made for a very pleasant vaping experience.

No. 51
Same shake and smell test as I always do.  The smell of this liquid was very different, it had a sweet sugar smell with a slightly odd flavour also.  Dripped again on the Plumeveil and I was pleasantly shocked by the flavour of this one, with a very nice vanilla custard that wasn't sweet but had a gorgeous flavour with a chocolate taste on the exhale which was not expected! Another great liquid!

No. 88
I was very excited to try this liquid as I have had mint chocolate liquids before but none had ever created a decent enough chocolate flavour or mixed the mint to chocolate ratio well so it was either mint or mint with something else that wasn't chocolate.  This smells amazing in the bottle and tastes even better vaped!  A nice minty inhale with a biscuit like chocolate exhale blends well together to give a lovely dessert vape!

I am very happy with the liquids from Beard Vape Co and would recommend them to anyone looking for a dessert all day vape!  You can buy them here - Beard Vape Co Liquids


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