Thursday, 16 April 2015

ZampleBox March 2015 - Liquid Reviews and Unboxing!

I received my ZampleBox(March 30th 2015) and couldn't wait to see what I had received this month! I Signed for it and quickly opened it up to find 6 nicely wrapped glass bottles in bubblewrap and in a netting bag, ZampleBox packaging is always nicely done by hand and checked thoroughly! Here are the liquids I Received this month they are all 0.6Mg strengths:

  • Baked Vapes - Blueberry Breakfast
  • D Squared - Gritz
  • The Collection - Duffy
  • Red Oak(Johnson Creek) - Merango
  • 28 Days Vape - Raven Gypsy
  • Adam Bomb - Cocobutter Bomb
All of the juices came in glass bottles, 4 of them had standard screw on tops with dripper attached, one came with no dripper just a child proof lock and the other came with a child proof lock top with dripper attached. All of the labels were nicely design, had the relevant details as to the brand and juice name, the strength and warnings some even had the PG/VG mix also which helps.  I have vaped them all since i received them 2 weeks ago, in fact I have finished 3 of the 6 bottles and almost finished my 4th.  Initially I dripped each one to find the flavours and then checked them against the flavour descriptions online to see if they were accurate or not. Below are my own personal review of these liquids through my own devices and tastebuds. Different people have different tastes and opinions and these are my own.  I dripped and tested each liquid on my Doge RDA single coil build on my MVP 3.0, all flavour descriptions were copied straight off the ZampleBox 'flavour bible' or somewhere else and it will have a 'source'.

Baked Vapes - Blueberry Breakfast
I decided to try this flavour last out of the juices I received as it sounded the most
interesting(I know I am weird and would have tried this first but Hey Ho) 'Blueberry Breakfast' made me think of like Blueberrys on pancakes, crepes or something baked like a pie. 

The initial flavour on the inhale was a very nice blueberry, quite a natural fruit taste rather than an artificial syrupy kind of taste.  The exhale had a subtle biscuit, crust kind of exhale which I assumed was meant to be like a crumble or pie? Overall the flavour was nice and this became one of my favourites out of the 6.

The online flavour description for 'Blueberry Breakfast' is..
"Its like eating a blueberry pop tart and a blueberry muffin while washing it down with a glass of milk." - Source 
Now this description is somewhat accurate to how I tasted it right after opening the bottle.  I got the blueberry and the 'pop tart' flavour however I did not get a smooth milk flavour, whether the milk is meant to be apart of the taste or is just used to make it sound better I'm not sure on that but this liquid overall is a fantastic vape.  Great vapour production and a lovely flavour overall.

D Squared - Gritz
'D2' as it is labelled on the bottle which I later found out was actually the manufacturer name 'D Squared' didn't really appeal to me as the bottle had a basic design and with a name like 'Gritz' I couldn't really work out what it could taste like so I decided to try this first.

As soon as I opened the bottle the smell hit me and I was in heaven! A sweet aroma tickled my taste buds as I sniffed the bottle to what I thought smell like caramel/Honey/custard, it wasn't a sickly smelly but a rather nice dessert smell!
The inhale on this was incredible! A sweet taste which I couldn't work out and a lovely creamy exhale.  The vapour and flavour on this juice was insane! This became my 2nd favourite liquid out of the 6.

The online flavour description for 'Gritz' is..
"Gritz is a light, smooth, creamy concoction that starts with fresh honeydew melon, adds a pinch of brown sugar, and is covered in warm, rich custard."
So the unknown sweet flavour was honeydew melon which I have never tasted before but would love to try now! Overall a great all day vape, I would recommend this to any vapers who like sweet vapes that aren't sickly.

The Collection - Duffy
Another liquid where the title gave away no clues on the flavour of the liquid. Tasting a new liquid without knowing anything is interesting as you have no idea what you are going to get or if you will like it.  'Duffy' smelt kind of like vanilla but with a weird tobacco like smell overpowering it.  I don't like tobacco liquids as they taste like ass to me but I still tried this liquid and I am glad I did! This was my favourite liquid out of the 6, it had a mild vanilla inhale with a rather creamy exhale almost like latte foam that you get at the bottom of the mug.  The combination was incredible as a coffee drinker it reminded me of the vanilla lattes I make in my Tassimo.

The online flavour description for 'Duffy' is..
"Dessert like Vanilla Cappuccino."
Well. That's a very accurate description in my opinion! It wasn't so much a cappuccino for me it was slightly sweeter and more creamier like a latte but its the same thing. I would vape this when I woke up alongside my morning coffee to make the flavour of the vale slightly more intense!

Red Oak(Johnson Creek) - Merango
Now this is a MAX vg juice.  I have never tried a max vg juice so this was an experience.  Now with a name like 'Merango' I was expecting something fruity, typically mango with maybe meringue, yeah I was wrong.  It tasted of what I can only describe as a McDonalds Strawberry milkshake.  The inhale was creamy and tasted like strawberries the exhale was this lovely flavour of one of my favourite drinks from McDonalds. 

NOW this IS a max vg juice which does give off a huge amount of vapour and had hardly any throat hit BUT left my mouth very very dry! After reading online apparently higher vg juices do sometimes do this. Unfortunately with the dry mouth and the fact the aftertaste is slightly weird I haven't really used this juice as much and have only dripped it on the odd occasion.

The online flavour description for 'Merango' is..
"Like picking your own strawberries and taking the first bite, Merango™ brings Spring in the form of smooth vapor and sweet and juicy finish. Let this PG-Free Smoke Juice spread out over a long exhale and you're sure to feel like you're laying in a field of strawberries, staring up at your own clouds of billowing vapor. Perfect as an all-day vape when the temperature feels just right and the sun is in the sky."
Unfortunately this description is only accurate with the 'clouds of billowing vapour', for me it wasn't sweet or juicy it was creamy with a strawberry taste thrown in.  Not an all day vape for me just something I would drip every now and again to hit that McDonalds milkshake craving.

28 Days Vape - Raven Gypsy

A Rather nicely designed bottle, some great looking graphics with all the warnings and information required on. The initial smell I thought was quite a sweet floral(slightly chemical scent) so I had no idea what the flavour could be. The inhale was definitely floral/sweet like the smell with a fruitier exhale, overall it was a pleasant vape with good vapor production and I still did not know what the flavour was but I liked it.

The online flavour description for 'Raven Gypsy' is..
"A sweet grape that will have you enjoying the festival of fools. Be careful though, this vape may have you falling in love with its charm and passion."
After reading the description that it was in fact 'Sweet Grape' I could pick the notes of this out and it began to make sense and was in fact a very pleasant all day vape. Would recommend this to anyone who wants something a little different and refreshing.

Adam Bomb - Cocobutter Bomb
Hmmmm.. where do I start with this liquid.  Nice bottle and a cool design, good labels and warnings.  With a name like 'Cocobutter Bomb' I was expecting maybe chocolate, vanilla or at least a sweet chocolate maybe a cake or pie something dessert like. 

Lets just look at the online description..
"A sweet and delicious Butterscotch Coconut mixture"
So I was completely wrong and when I tried this I was very very shocked and did not enjoy it.  I was expecting something sweet so I took a huge inhale and instead I got this very dry strong coconut flavour(I don't like coconut unless its mixed with something like pineapple or another fruit) and this was disgusting on first vape for me.  

Once I knew what the flavour was I tried it again in smaller inhales and still could not find this butterscotch or anything else but this coconut flavour which was very overpowering and dry/bland.  This was the worst liquid in my ZampleBox for me personally, I am still not sure if I received a bad bottle because even after some steeping and breathing it did not get any better. 

Overall if you like coconut you will love this, its a very true to coconut flavour and has a great strong flavour and vapour production (if thats the kind of flavour you like) but this just wasn't for me.


To wrap up this March Zamplebox juice review my top 3 Juices were..

  1. The Collection - Duffy
  2. D Squared - Gritz
  3. Baked Vapes - Blueberry Breakfast
All of the liquids were of great quality and had good flavour standards but obviously different people have different tastes.  I can't wait to receive Aprils in 2 weeks where I should now be on a Gold Subscription and receive double the amount!

I hope this post has been informative and helpful for you and don't forget these are my own personal reviews of what I thought of them, if you want to comment with your thoughts on any of these liquids feel free to start a discussion :)


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