Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tank & Mod Review - Innokin MVP 3.0 & Kangertech Subtank Mini

My everyday set up was my MVP 2.0 with the Aspire Nautilus tank but with all the new mods and tanks coming out I wanted to try something new.  I had read online about 'Sub-Ohm' vaping where instead of vaping a 1.6/1.8 ohm coil you could build/buy 0.2 - 0.9 ohm coils for a serious vaping experience!  The lower the resistance with more power gives off a warmer more powerful vape with huge cloud production!

I decided if I was going to try sub ohm vaping whether it was with a tank or an RDA(Rebuildable driving atomiser) then I would need something with more than 11 watts and that could handle the lower resistance coils.  Because I had no issues with the MVP 2.0 I decided I would stick with Innokin and read up on their new MVP box mod, after reading online and watching some YouTube videos on the MVP 3.0 I figured I would order one.  Luckily for me UK Ecig Store had a weekend sale on so I managed to get it reduced!

To go with the new mod I decided I would order a new tank also.  After reading up online on the new tanks out on the market it suddenly became apparent that a lot of people were using the Subtank Mini from Kangertech, some were even using them on the MVP 3.0 with those people raving about the performance and how much of a great vape it was.  

Some of the features I liked the sound of with this tank was the adjustable airflow base to increase air intake for bigger clouds and the cooling of the vape, 2 coils (1x 0.5, 1x 1.2 ohm) and a rebuildable base so you could use a custom coil rather than a shop bought one. With these both ordered I waited impatiently for my vapemail.

My Vapemail finally arrived and I couldn't wait to rip it open and play!  First the MVP 3.0, nice packaging with good details about the device on the back, inside was the device with the usb charge cable and instructions/stickers.  Initial thought on the device was that it was certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the MVP 2.0 with a new design.  Even though it was a bigger device it felt comfortable to hold and not heavy either but felt well manufactured at the same time.

The Subtank Mini also came in nice packaging, a cardboard sleeve with colourful picture of the tank slightly embossed protected the box which had a smooth sliding out side drawer within.  First thing you see is a very clean and shiny tank sat in a mould, take this out and underneath the 1.2 ohm coil and RBA deck sit neatly with a spare pyrex glass tank and some Japanese cotton and other goodies for the RBA deck including a couple of pre made coils ready to just install and wick.  The tank itself had the 0.5 ohm coil installed all ready so I quickly primed the coil and filled the tank up with one of my favourite juices by G2 Vapor (Mr Cookie) the coil had a wattage range of 20 - 30 watts engraved on so once I waited for it to wick I screw it onto the MVP 3.0 and set the watts to 20.

Because it was my first time Sub Ohm vaping I was expecting a huge amount of vapour, especially going from 11w to 20w was a huge step up for me.  I gave the tank some primer puffs and took my first vape.. WOW! The flavour was intense, I got more flavour notes off the liquid than the nautilus ever gave me, I could taste caramel where as I couldn't before.
I slowly increased the watts and the hotter it got and more airflow I allowed the better the flavour and bigger the vapour production! The warm vape made it taste like freshly baked cookies straight out the oven! Now I'm very impressed with this set up and totally blown away by my new set up!

I would totally recommend the Innokin MVP 3.0 to anyone wanting a bit more from a box mod that is new to vaping or getting into sub ohm.  There battery life is great and overall its a nice little mod.  The subtank mini is also fantastic and I would definitely recommend any of the subtanks to anyone, good airflow options and great coils that give off amazing flavour and vapour.

MVP 3.0 - Official Website
Subtank Mini - Official Website


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