Thursday, 28 May 2015

Zamplebox April 2015 - Liquid Review and Unboxing! (Part 2)

Finally, here is part 2 of April's Zamplebox liquid subscription service. I reviewed the first five bottles here in part 1.  I'm going to jump straight in to the liquid reviews here as I did a little on the box in the last review.  So here are the remaining six bottles.
  • Preferred Stock - Dividend
  • Phat Clouds - Cumulus
  • RLVNT - Pusher
  • NicQuid - Maui
  • Source Code - Purple Potion
  • Bottle Service - A List
Preferred Stock - Dividend | 5mg
Nice glass bottle with child lock cap and dripper, detailed label with nicotine strength(5mg) and the VG/PG(80/20) Ratio displayed along with warnings on the side. Now time to test the liquid itself and after a shake and sniff you get a very strong biscuit/peanut butter dessert smell.  After vaping this in my Aspire Atlantis I soon found that it was indeed a peanut butter flavoured juice, very strong on the inhale slightly creamier on the exhale and overall not a bad vape.

The online flavour description is..
"Reap the rewards. Creamy peanut butter, with morsels of milk chocolate. Not too much now! Just a hint of chocolate on the exhale with peanut butter throughout." - Source
Certainly got the creamy peanut butter flavour throughout but couldn't pick any chocolate out in the vape at all.  Still a very pleasant vape and would recommend this to anyone wanting a delicious dessert vape.

Phat Clouds - Cumulus | 6mg
Very very nice label on the bottle, instantly caught my eye and made me want to vape it.  Cool graffiti style able with VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, ingredients and warnings on also.  This is a nice thick 80/20 liquid and with a name like 'Phat Clouds' you would expect lots of vapour.  Now it says on the label that it is a 'Banana Peanut Butter Custard' and after doing a smell test you can certainly smell a sweet peanut butter, but that's about it.  I decided to drip this juice on my RDA with it being a higher VG and to get maximum flavour.

HUGE clouds of vapour on the exhale! Instantly the first thing I noticed was how much vapour is produced off this juice, not the flavour, but the clouds!  The inhale has a sweet banana taste with a creamy vanilla exhale, only a slight taste of peanut butter even though it was the prominent flavour when I sniffed it.

The online flavour description is..
"A Creamy Vanilla Custard Infused with Ripe Bananas and Peanut Butter." - Source
Quite an accurate description,there is a subtle peanut butter but a more prominent banana.  Very pleasant vape, could vape this all day long and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sweet higher VG juice.

RLVNT - Pusher | 6mg
Very basic glass bottle, no child lock but a plain dripper top.  Simple label with just the brand and juice title on, no warnings or any other information about underage vaping or what VG/PG it is, which in my opinion is a big no-no.  The label has to have some form of warning on no matter what.  That aside, on to the liquid itself. After a good shake and a sniff my initial thoughts aren't great; it has a strange pie kind of smell that isn't pleasant at all.  First thoughts when I dripped the liquid on my RDA was slightly disgusting at first, kept vaping on it hoping it would get better and it gradually got slightly better/sweeter but there was still an unpleasant taste on the inhale and exhale overall.

The online flavour description is..
"Apple pie with apple pie finished with apple pie." - Source
Well.. that's not what I thought the liquid was at all to be honest, yes I could smell the pie smell but it wasn't an apple pie or a nice smelling pie but more of a burnt old pie.  I did not get one taste of apple in the whole time I have vaped it and I didn't vape much of it after I tried it for this blog.

NicQuid - Maui | 6mg
With a name like 'Maui' I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I've heard nothing but good things about NicQuid online so I was excited to try this one! 10ml plastic nipple tipped dripper bottle, VG/PG ratio and warning information on the well presented label.  After removing the top for the first time I could smell fruit and lots of it it was quite refreshing after all the peanut butters and pies.  

It says on the bottle 'formulated for dripping' so I decided to drip this on my Doge RDA and I am glad I did! Instantly on the inhale my mouth was greeted with refreshing tropical fruits, it was almost like drinking Robinsons fruit juice, very nice vape all round.

The online flavour description is..
"NicQuid's Maui will literally fill your pockets with sand and sunburn your shoulders. OK- you got us. It won't do that but it will take your mind right to the beach with a load of ripe pineapple and sweet mango. Whenever you need a little vacation from the daily grind, fill up your atomizer with Maui and give yourself that much needed time-out." - Source
That is most certainly an accurate description as I could smell the fruit straight from the bottle and it did taste like tropical fruits(pineapple and mango).  I would recommend this to anyone wanting a nice fruity all day vape.

Source Code - Purple Potion | 6mg

Unfortunately another dripper top that isn't child proof. I don't hate this, but for those who have kids, getting hold of this liquid, even if it is hidden away with an easily unscrewable top could be very dangerous. As soon as you open the bottle you get a rather sweet and refreshing fruit smell kind of like raspberry or dragonfruit or something and its incredible! Decided to throw this in my Arctic Tank from Horizon Tech as I had just received it and needed a juice to go in.  

After letting the coil soak up for a few minutes I gave it a vape.. and I couldn't stop!  A really well balanced vape of fruits which get your tastebuds going on both the exhale and inhale.  Great vapour production to top this vape off for a 50/50 PG/VG.

The online flavour description is..
"A refreshing mix of pomegranate and lychee. This is a best seller and an ADV for many avid vapers in the PNW!" - Source
I was wrong with the raspberry/dragon fruit but I have never tried lychee or pomegranate in my life so I am pleasantly surprised.  This 15ml bottle didn't last me long at all.

Bottle Service - A List | 6mg
Child proof dripper bottle, nice label with all the right warnings and information you would require before vaping it- we are off to a good start.  Good shake as it looks like a thick liquid, ran it past my nose as I sniffed it and.. well I can only describe it as a slightly nicer version of the Blueberry Church from the first lot of liquids I reviewed.  

It had a rather strange blueberry smell as well as a sweet caramel like flavour with it, maybe a blueberry pie and caramel? I dripped a few drops onto a fresh build on my RDA and gave it a vape, the inhale was overpowered by the strange sweet blueberry taste and the exhale was slightly creamy but not an amazing overall vape mixed together.

The online flavour description is..
"Belgian waffles drizzled in maple syrup topped with blueberries and whipped cream." - Source
That explains the sweet caramel I thought I was getting, it was actually meant to be maple syrup and the weird flavour I assume I was getting with the blueberry was the "Belgium waffle".  After reading the description it is somewhat accurate except the flavours just aren't nicely mixed or nice flavours at all, I wouldn't recommend this personally to anyone wanting a dessert type liquid to vape on.

To wrap up the second part of this review(the first five bottles are here in part 1) I wanted to again mention the fact that not all people have the same flavour tastes, so the reviews above are my own personal thoughts and tastes.  Out of the six juices mentioned above my favourites are Purple Potion, Maui and Cumulus.

I hope this post has been informative and helpful for you, don't forget to check out part 1 and if you want to comment with your thoughts on any of these liquids feel free to start a discussion :)


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