Monday, 11 May 2015

Blog Post - Vapemail & New Facebook Page

Today I received my new Horizon Arctic BDTC(Bottom Dual "Turbine" Coil) Tank from Gearbest.  Shipped on the 5th May and arrived today(11th May) which is great going coming from China! I will do a quick initial box opening and first thoughts review now but will review it in more details once I've had a good vape on it and tried both BDTC coils!

The packaging is nice, it reminds me slightly of the aspire/innokin packaging(it also reminds me of an Apple iPod Touch packaging!) with the plastic, round cornered box with removable top.  Comes with a slip of card which wraps over the front of plastic packaging which has the Arctic logo on and all the details of the coils that come inside the box and which ones you have received whether its the BTC or the BTDC coils.  On the back we have a nice diagram of the tank and how to fill it with liquid and also how it breaks apart with each part of it labelled with its name (Drip tip, Tube Body and coil etc).  It also has some detailed information on the wire and materials used to make the tank and what cotton is used(there is also a nice medium sized green sticker on the front stating it uses organic cotton) within the information it also has a detailed explanation of what power is required to run the coils safely.  It is nice to see a tank with power safety on but I personally think that it could have been written bigger or even highlighted so people will actually read it(not saying they won't but if they skip over it and think its not important).  The tank comes in the usual moulded soft padding material, installed in the tank is the 0.5ohm BDTC and the 0.2 ohm coil is in a separate moulded slot wrapped up in a small piece of plastic.  

I decided to start off with the 0.2 coil instead of the 0.5 to see how that would vape and how it handled 30 - 100w.  I primed the coil and filled the tank to wick with one of the juices from this months Zamplebox which was 'Black Label - Nocturnal Banana' in 6mg. I have the Arctic tank sitting on my Sigelei 100 set at 30w(reading 2.7v!) with half open airflow to begin with, the vapour production is great and flavour is cool and nice.  Lets take this up to 50w(3.5v) with half open airflow again, huge amounts of vapour and still a cool decent flavoured vape.  Time to turn it up more, 75w(4.2v) same airflow.  MASSIVE clouds of vapour! Slightly warmer vape but not massively hot!  These coil wick really fast and give off some lovely flavour(tastes the same as when I dripped this liquid on my plumeveil) I'm very impressed and can't wait to break it in more and see what this baby can do!

You can get the Arctic Tank from Horizon in the UK from here - Uk Ecig Store

Facebook Page
I have recently set up a Facebook page to run with this blog where I will share these blog posts for people to read and also share photos/vapemail when it is received and generally post other non review related things.  If anyone has any vape related questions they would like to ask or anything else then please check it out.  If you could drop a like on the page and invite other vaping friends to it also that would be really appreciated.


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