Thursday, 28 May 2015

Box Mod Review - TECC Curve (pink)

Okay, so although this may appear to be another review, it is actually my FIRST ever blog post!
It is not the usual '510 vaping''s very own Danny... but instead his girlfriend- Abi :)

I had been smoking for roughly 3 years, not very long in the grand scheme of things, but long enough for it to be a struggle to quit. Although Dan had tried vaping in the past, i had never enjoyed it the way he did, and was more than happy for him to quit vaping and join me in smoking again. However, after discovering smoking was a total waste of money, and all my expensive perfume was undetectable from the stink of smoke, I made quitting smoking my new years resolution.

After purchasing the obligatory 'starter pack' which turned out to be inevitably crap, Danny had also quit and was back on the vape, but this time he was bigger and better! I turned to him for help- i wanted something more powerful, a bigger tank, a longer lasting battery, and something I could change if and when pleased.

Unfortunately, our town is small and there is a lack of vape related shops, but alas we bobbled along to our local, and I instantly fell in love!
Under the counter was this adorable but powerful looking pink monster, which I had to have!
After an initial hold of it, I found the sleek shape and size of it fit into my hand perfectly and comfortably, without being too big to pop into my purse.
Initially I was torn between this one TECC- Curve 2) and it's younger but less powerful twin (which my mum then went out and bought herself- TECC- Curve Mini), however I decided to go for this one. My decision was based on the fact that the Mini had a smaller display unit, it looked more difficult to work, had a smaller battery life, and there was no pink one's in stock. (Sorry, not sorry.)

The box itself was also very slick, displaying the mod and tank on the front, and inside came with both, including instructions and a charger.

My initial thoughts were: 'wow, what the hell am I doing?!', but after a quick play with it, I realised perhaps I could get away with it!
I love the way variable wattage, something that was completely new to me, but being able to turn it up and down to met my needs made me very happy! Also, the fact it went up in unit's of 1 and the Volt's automatically matched it, made it very handy, but also idiot-proof for little me.

The display is very easy to use, with a small battery indicator and the numbers on show.
There is only a button to the left and right to change the Watts/Volts, and another button where 5 clicks will turn it on and off, and 3 will change it between Watts and Volts. It also gives you the atomiser resistance, as well as being able to use it while charging (passthrough charging).

Not only that, but it gives you a timer of how long you have been vaping for in one go- something which has proved to be a subject of competition between me and Daniel.

After time, I began to discover that the tank that came with it was extremely difficult to remove, to take off the whole tank, but also to change the coil or fill the liquid up. It was so tight to the point I had to take a pair of pliers to it. I have to admit, I had a major panic, as the trusty display screen told me 'No Atomiser', when there clearly was   :(

I took it back to the shop I bought it from and instead purchased the very similar Aspire K1- which I love!

I have to admit, I had no idea this was a 'rip off' or a different name of the same brand, however I have come to learn it is identical to the Eleaf Istick. My older brother has the Istick, and I can honestly say that not only on aesthetics, but also the way it vapes, is most defiantly the same. I can only assume they are made in the same factory and a different brand name stamped on each.

Overall, as someone who has a basic knowledge of vaping but is by no-means a expert, this battery suit me down to the ground. I love the variety of colour, and I think there is something in there for everyone. For anyone looking for something a little bit 'more' than your average pen, but not quite a full on mod- I would defiantly recommend this. It is so easy to use, it looks fantastic and I haven't had a cigarette since.


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