Friday, 5 June 2015

RDA Review - Plume Veil Clone

If you ever watch some of the YouTube vape reviewers they often seem to use a TugBoat or a Plume Veil RDA to test eliquid flavours.  I decided I would invest in a Plume Veil clone (to try before buying the real version) to test out some of my liquids.  I got myself the white version but it comes in many different colours and finishes and I couldn't wait to stick a build on it and try it out.

The Plume Veil came in the standard clone box, placed in a cutout square of foam in a cardboard box which read 'Atomiser' on. I can only imagine the real Plume Veil comes in a fancy box with warnings and some more information on the device itself.  

The Plume Veil has been well made, no machine oil or scratches on it, the white finish is smooth and looks nice.  The O rings holding the outer case to the base are big enough to hold it securely and it not let it leak any of the juice out. The same goes for the top cap with the O ring on that holding it securely to the outer casing.  The 510 connection isn't adjustable, but so far I have found that it sits on the majority of my mods.

The build deck come with 4 holes to build with - 2 negative posts built into the deck and a centre positive post with 2 holes in.  The only issue I found with this clone was that the centre post was loose and needed to be tightened down, especially when that pushed the centre pin down to make the connection to a mod.  Once I had tightened the post it was perfect and I built a simple dual Macro Coil with 28g Kanthal wire and wicked it with 100% Japanese Cotton.  

The airflow on this is very simple, it has a single coil and dual coil mode depending on how you place the top cap on.  Once you have the correct position you can twist the top cap left and right to cover up the holes to tighten or allow more airflow through the holes. There are also small airflow circles either side that go through the negative posts, when you replace the top cap on you have to align the centre hole out of 3 in line with the hole on the negative post on the deck and then place the top cap on.  Airflow on this device is nice and isn't too loose and can be tightened for a warmer vape. 

The drip tip is removable from the top cap so you can use whatever tip you want, you can also screw the drip tip/top cap down and it lowers the inside chamber towards the build deck so you get the vapour straight from the wick in a shorter time with less air and it increases the flavour slightly as there is less air mixing with the vape.  I have found playing with this airflow can improve the vape massively!

The flavour off this RDA is amazing and it certainly produces the clouds of vapour!  This device is great little device for anyone wanting something more on the flavour side of dripping rather than huge clouds!  Its a simple deck to build on, the post holes aren't massive so just the medium/thinner gauges of wire 24g+ I would say will work the best. I have built single, dual and quad coil builds on this with ease and all have vaped great!


  1. Plume Veil Clone seems to offers amazing flavor vaping certainly with the clouds of Vapors. I think for having flavor along with its advisable to go with this RDA.

    1. Its a great RDA ad I have tried the authentic one as well and they're close just some cheap manufacturing cuts on the clone but flavour is similar :)

  2. Looks like I can choose a wide variety of flavors in Plume Veil Clone. I think this will also be great if I use it with my juul from HypeWraps

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