Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Zamplebox May 2015 - Liquid Review and Unboxing!

Another month and another Zamplebox has arrived at my door like clockwork, full of premium juices!  After last months box with the Adam and Eve liquids and quite a few I didn't like, I was sceptical about this months box. But here we go- lets open it up and see what we have in this months box!

This months box was the standard green box. Not the newly designed ones that I have seen on some photos on their website, but I can't wait to receive one like that as they look incredible, with all new foam inserts!  The standard two green bags are packed and are padded with bubble wrap inside the box.  I counted eleven bottles in this months box; ten of which are 15ml and one is 17ml which equals 167ml of liquid in this months box!
Here are the liquids I received in my May 2015 Zamplebox..

  • AVE - One Way Street
  • Arkansas Eliquid Co - Thieves
  • Big Heart Flavors - Peanut Butter Bar
  • 28 Days Vape - Pixie Dust
  • Transit Vape - Toll Road
  • Ben Jonsons - Jamanji
  • Classified Eliquids - Delight
  • Cosmic Charlies Chalk & Dust - Orange Bl'awesome
  • 13th Floor Elevapors - Bermuda
  • D Squared - Cereal Number
  • Warped(Hanger Vape) - Backside
Quite a wide range of different brands and names. I have only heard of a few of these from either previous boxes or their brand name online.  
Lets dive straight in and sniff and taste these juices for you. All of the juices were tested on a dual coil(0.4ohm) in the Tugboat RDA Clone on the Aspire CF Sub Ohm Mod.

AVE - One Way Street
Very basic, blank label.  It has a simple large logo on the centre of the label with no warnings or information on the liquid itself, other than 'One Way S' at the very edge of the label and the number 6 to represent the mg.  No childproof dripper which screams unsafe bottle and labelling to me.  Looks to be slightly thicker than a 50/50 mix maybe 60/40 or even a 70/30 but I have no way of finding this out as their is no information on the bottle or online.

Initial thoughts on the smell was very sweet with a slight cake smell in there, which makes me think something sweet with caramel and vanilla might be mixed in.  Inhale is pleasant- smooth with hardly any throat hit and creamy sweet caramel taste.  The exhale has a lovely creamy custard flavour with a huge, dense cloud of vapour.  Nice vape overall.

Online description is..
"Vanilla Custard." - Source
Description is good, very blunt but accurate.  The overall vape of this liquid is nice and smooth and I would definitely put this up there with the other custard vapes I have tried.

Arkansas Eliquid Co - Thieves

Nice deep blue glass bottle, childproof dripper top with a detailed label.  This is a max vg(80/20 mix) liquid and is in 6mg.  The smell from this bottle was disgusting in my opinion.  It smells like the red sour aniseed balls my gran used to get!  What I did find weird was the after smell, once you took your nose away from the bottle there was this lovely, milky and sweet aroma which was incredible!

The inhale was nice.  A rich, creamy, thick inhale of what was almost a vanilla milkshake flavour but then in the background was the aniseed flavour which ruined the inhale for me.  The exhale had more of the aniseed taste which ruined the overall vape for me.  If they removed the spice flavours it would be an awesome milkshake type vape in my opinion.  Huge dense clouds of vapour are produced with it being a higher VG mix as well.

Online description is..
"A blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and creamy spice." - Source
Definitely vaped close to the description, vanilla and cream were nice but the cinnamon and spices were not.  This is an unusual eliquid which I personally would not vape again, and if there is anyone who likes the sound of this and likes cinnamon and spices then I would say this is right up your street!

Big Heart Flavors - Peanut Butter Bar

Plastic little stubby bottle with a tamper/childproof top and a little nipple tip for filling.  Another nice label with warnings and information on the VG/PG and ingredients.  This is another 80/20 Max VG liquid so I am hoping for more thick clouds of vapour.  

With a name like Peanut Butter Bar you can kind of guess what this eliquid is. The smell has a slightly chocolate and nutty aroma to, it almost like a Snickers bar.  The inhale of this is quite smooth and nutty, almost like a peanut butter flapjack with a slight hint of caramel.  The exhale has a sort of burnt coffee taste to it and it produces plenty of vapour. Overall this isn't one of my favourite peanut flavoured eliquids.

Online description is..
"Peanut butter and chocolate become great friends just for you" - Source
I certainly managed to smell the chocolate and peanut butter from the bottle, but the vape didn't really produce the chocolate for me, unless that is what the coffee flavour was on the exhale.  Overall another liquid I wouldn't vape again, and certainly not one of the nicest peanut butter liquids I've tried, but I think these guys make a good liquid and I would be interested in trying others from their range.

28 Days Vape - Pixie Dust

Another liquid from 28 Days Vape.  I tried the Gypsy Raven from them in a previous box and I was pleasantly surprised, it was a Grape flavour which I don't usually like and I really really enjoyed that one so I have high hopes for this one!  Usual label from them, nice logo and a few warnings and ingredients in small print on the side.  The smell from this bottle is mouth watering! It smells just like a Mr Kipling cake!

The inhale is very sweet with a prominent cake flavour, very flavoursome.  Tastes exactly like a battenburg cake fresh from the packet.  Sweet and covered in sugar with hints of fruit.  The exhale is smooth and more of the fruit flavour comes out along with a nice cloud of vapour.

Online description is..
"A savory Pound Cake with a hint of orange. Don't be shy to try this sweet treat, it may be your next happy thought!" - Source
A very accurate description in my opinion.  After googling what a pound cake was I can see why it was so sweet and flavoursome! This is definitely and all day vape for me and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a sweet tooth and loves dessert type liquids.

Transit Vape - Toll Road

Another glass dripper bottle with hardly any information on it.  The smell from the bottle was slightly strange from the previous ones, It kind of smells like strawberry but with something muting the smell for me.  

Inhale was slightly harsh with a sweet like taste. I don't mean sweet like sugar, I mean sweet like what you would get in a packet from a shop for your kids.  Amongst the sweet flavour is the strawberry(I think its strawberry), and this slightly reminds me of the millions sweets that are tiny tiny bits of sweet you chew.  Exhale is pretty much the same flavour as the inhale and there is plenty of vapour also.

Online description is..
"Red Starburst" - Source
Okay so I very close with the sweet flavour, not quite like my favourite starburst sweet flavour but I can kind of get where they are going with this.  It's definitely a pleasant vape all round and the more you vape it the more the flavour becomes moreish and you want more.

Ben Jonsons - Jumanji

The only liquid from Ben Jonsons that I have ever tried was the Cr3am that I bought online and it was the best liquid I had ever tried!  It was just like vaping a pack of oreos and I soon finished the bottle!  In this months box I was pleasantly surprised to find another liquid from their range which is one I have heard a lot about and that is Jamanji.

The smell from the bottle alone was lovely, a smell of tropical fruits almost like a drink.  The inhale was slightly harsh on my throat, but the sweet fruity flavour masked that.  I felt like I was suddenly sunbathing by a pool drinking an ice cold fruit juice.  The flavours rush at you as you inhale and then as you exhale they change slightly and become sweeter.

Online description is..
"Jamanji, bringing the jungle to you with this fresh pineapple and mango concoction!" - Source
Perfect description of this liquid.  The pineapple and mango are present throughout the whole vape and this is a beautiful all day vape for those warm, summer days.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fruity liquid to vape.

Classified Eliquids - Delight

I have never tried a Classified eliquid before but have read good things and I know this is another line of juices from the people who make Ben Jonsons awesome sauce so it will be a well made juice.  The smell of this eliquid from the bottle is quite tart, smells like a sweet peach pie.

The inhale on this is lovely, smooth caramelised peach almost with a raspberry or blueberry hint along with a pastry, the exhale is wonderful when all these flavours form together.  A very beautiful dessert vape.

Online description is..
"An old fashioned Cobbler with a savory fruit filling prepared with ripe peaches and sweet berries crowned with a thin biscuit topping." - Source
Exactly as it says in the description!  Ripe peaches and berries with a biscuit topping, I can pick out each flavour on the both the inhale and exhale.  Beautiful liquid to vape on a sunny day or if you fancy something to kill a sweet tooth.  Would highly recommend this to anyone who likes these kind of flavours.

Cosmic Charlies Chalk & Dust - Orange Bl'awesome

Cosmic Charlies is another brand that I have heard lots of good things about! I am glad I subscribe to Zamplebox to receive all these brands I wouldn't haven't normally gone and bought myself, otherwise I would be stuck vaping the same liquid everyday and not experimenting.

With a name like Orange Bl'awesome you get a clue as to what you are in for.  The smell from the bottle is just ripe oranges and cream to me, its beautiful and sweet.  The inhale has a ripe orange taste that is so fresh its like eating a freshly pealed orange, the exhale has a sweeter taste to it and overall is very refreshing!

Online description is..
"An e-liquid so awesome new words were needed to be created in order to describe it. Orange Bl'awesome is a citrus, orangeblend of flavours forged to perfectly minic the great taste of the mimosa. - Source
I'm not quite sure what a mimosa is or what it tastes like but if this is anything close then its a beautiful thing.  I can't quite pick the citrus notes out but the blend is and flavour is amazing.  Definitely another eliquid I would recommend.

13th Floor Elevapors - Bermuda

I have never heard of this eliquid brand but I like their name.  The bottle is quite snazzy and well designed, warnings and information all present including some social media icons which you don't see very often on eliquid bottles.  

The smell from the bottle is quite fruity- an assortment of berries comes to mind with a creamy undertone which makes me think its a strawberries/raspberries and cream blend.  On the inhale I get a mix of ripe berries with something else that's quite sweet but I am not sure what it is.  The exhale is lovely, the berries and what I think is cream blend is lovely and it almost tastes like a meringue topped with berries.

Online description is..
"Capture the sensual flavors and luxury of a mystic getaway! A gourmet sour apple and berries ménage a trois on a bed of rich sweet cream. Raspberry champagne undertones make this a truly Ambrosial experience." - Source
What a complex blend of flavours.  The sour apple is definitely there on the exhale now that I am looking for it in the blend. I can't find the champagne unless that is the sweet part of the inhale along with the cream throughout the vape.  This is a beautiful all day vape for me, very nice on a warm day.  Highly recommend this to someone who us looking for a fruity, creamy well balanced vape.

D Squared - Cereal Number

D Squared is another brand that I have tried before from a previous Zamplebox. I had Gritz last time, which was a Honeydew melon and was my favourite one out of the box, so I am looking forward to trying this liquid.  With a name like Cereal Number you expect it to be a tart, creamy vape with a few biscuit tones and sweet fruits maybe.

The smell from the bottle has a slight citrus and nutty smell to which I instantly think of opening a new box of crunchy nut Cornflakes.  On the inhale there is a beautiful blend of biscuit/pie flavour with a citrus flavour and when mixed together on the exhale it tastes exactly like I'm eating a bowl of crunchy nut.  Huge amounts of vapour and just a lovely overall vape.

Online description is..
"D Squared’s newest flavor, Cereal Number, is our favorite part of eating a bowl of fruity cereal in eliquid form: The sweet, fruity milk that’s left in the bowl after all the cereal is gone." - Source
Definitely a fruity cereal but more towards a lemon/citrus taste. I can understand the leftover cereal milk description as it is slightly more milky overall and the more you vape it the more it begins to taste like that.  Highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a nice cereal eliquid to vape.

Warped(Hanger Vape) - Backside

First thing you notice about this bottle is the graffiti print of a lady in what looks like a pair of bikini bottoms,which with a name like 'backside', kinda works.  The smell of this eliquid is quite fresh, almost smells like a perfume but without the chemical smell.  To me personally, it smells like watermelon with something else but I am not too sure what it is.

The inhale is very fresh and crisp, it gives of a very juicy feel to it like when you squeeze a lemon to get the juice out.  Its certainly a very pleasant summery vape.

Online description is..
"Cucumber Melon" - Source
Cucumber. Disgusting. I do not personally like cucumber at all in food form, the texture and taste generally makes me feel sick.  The fresh juicy taste is certainly from the cucumber and I got the melon but I thought it was a watermelon. This is definitely refreshing and crisp and I would say if you like the sound of that, and you enjoy both of these flavours, then this juice is most definitely for you!

To wrap up his review I wanted to again mention the fact that not all people have the same flavour tastes, so the reviews above are my own personal thoughts and tastes.  Out of the eleven juices mentioned above, I personally did not like Thieves, Backside and Peanut Butter bar, but the rest are incredible!

I hope this review has been informative and helpful for you, if you want to comment with your thoughts on any of these liquids feel free to start a discussion below in the comment section and also don't forget to check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have liked this please share it with your vaping friends :)


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