Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Rolling Papers Express - Eliquid review and thoughts

The title of this post may seem a little weird to you based on the fact you're on a vaping blog and you are reading 'Rolling Papers' as the title, however there is a good reason behind this.  The company who were kind enough to send me these liquids for review don't just stock mods and eliquids, they also specialise in hand rolling tobacco products.  

Hence the name Rolling Papers Express or RPE.  Check out their website for more details - Here

RPE got in touch with me direct to see if I could be up for reviewing some of their juices that they stocked.  Being the flavour whore that I am, I accepted as I am always up for trying new brands and new juices. The communication from them with regards to what flavours I like and what I was vaping on was exceptional! The staff are very friendly and know what they're talking about.  I gave my nicotine strength and left it with them to send me some random juice samples. I was not sure what I would get it.  

I decided to have a look at their website in the meantime to see what they had and what I might be in store for and to my delight I didn't notice any low range liquids that you might find in a normal shop to help someone quit smoking or that a beginner may use! It was all premium eliquids ranging from Cosmic Fog to Cuttwood and Beard Vape Co to Space Jam! I was excited to see what I had received from them to try.

The parcel I received took two days to arrive from the initial chat which is quicker than most websites that I order from.  It came nicely packaged and everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and protected really well.  Here are the juices I received for review..

  • Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk 15ml 6mg
  • Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle 15ml 3mg
  • Space Jam - Astro 30ml 3mg
  • Beard Vape Co. - No. 32 15ml 6mg
I will quickly review the above juices below but will do a more in-depth review of them over on my YouTube Channel in the future.

Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk
Strawberries and layers of delicious creams. Almost tastes like a strawberry milkshake from nesquick.  Click here for more details on this product.

Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle
This is a ridiculously fantastic flavour that is somewhere in between a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and a snickers bar.  This has become and ADV for me along with the Beard Vape Co No. 32 eliquid, both are incredible liquids.  Click here for more details on this product.

Space Jam - Astro
A refreshing fruity blend of clean and crisp apples on the inhale, but as you exhale your taste buds will go crazy with strawberries, and hints of juicy peaches.  This eliquid has a sort of sweet/candy taste to it also. Click here for more details on this product.

Beard Vape Co. - No. 32
A mild and mellow cinnamon hint, which doesn't burn the back of your throat on the inhale, and a really subtle sweet, and almost powdered sugar flavour to it on the exhale.  A very moreish vape indeed!  Click here for more details on this product.

Out of the four liquids reviewed above I couldn't choose a personal favourite as they were all amazing quality!  

I can't wait to try some more liquids from RPE!  Don't forget to check the above products links for the very reasonable prices and stock levels! I will leave some links for Rolling Papers Express below.

Website - http://bit.ly/1Mw71kF
Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1JfvWrQ
Twitter - http://bit.ly/1E0Nd7O


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