Sunday, 28 June 2015

Liquid Review - McFlavors (National)

McFlavors got in touch with me over on Twitter to see if I would be interested in reviewing their line of eliquids(10 different flavours in total) individually on a weekly basis, and I thought it was a great idea and decided to accept the position to review them over in the UK!
A little about McFlavors eliquids and the way they are made, directly from their mouth's(well via an email to me..)
"Firstly, we would like you to know that our product, is completely innovative, and that it is the result of some very rigorous testing and multiple restarts! For starters, our liquid is completely free from Propylene Glycol, and by that we mean, 100% free of it, not even a trace, not even in the flavouring! As you may already know, Propylene Glycol is linked to dry mouth, shortness of breath and dental sensitivity, among other side effects. So we thought of creating a product that can do without it. Our liquids, contain a patented glycol that is completely natural, which we derive from corn!  
As it says on the box, our products are made from scratch in Italy, where it is extremely difficult to get certified and licensed to sell such products. The Chemistry Department of the University of Bologna was asked to analyse our liquids and you may see the results and data sheets of each of these analyses on our website by following the link Furthermore, we would like to assure you that every single batch of e-cig liquid that we produce is sent to this same laboratory for analysis. This is how we aim to maintain consistency in our product, particularly in order to maintain the same high quality standard throughout. "
Now I think this a great idea and could be quite a big thing in the vaping/eliquid industry. I read online on a regular basis more and more people commenting or asking questions about having problems after vaping a certain juice, and having the symptoms of a slight PG allergy(50/60% PG ratio). Because of this they are having to vape the thicker juice instead which they don't particularly like because of personal preference's, or that they have a basic starter kit to quit smoking, or a coil that isn't sub ohm so doesn't have huge wick holes and won't wick well with the thicker and higher VG juices. So this new, (to me) natural glycol can resolve all those issues for the beginners and PG allergy vapers who just want standard 50/50 or higher PG juices.

Now the little intro is over, lets get onto the juice itself!  The first liquid to review that I was sent was called 'National' in 4mg nicotine and this is a basic tobacco blend as far as I am aware.  Here is the description off their website -
"A blend of flavours carefully selected to appeal to the classic and traditional; the perfect flavor for the no-frills smoker. Like all our other flavors, the National flavor is available Nicotine-Free, as well as at 0.4%, 0.8%, and 1.6% Nicotine."
First Thoughts
The packaging the juice comes in is very nice, I love the whole retro style they have gone for and it looks very professional and clean.  The box has all the right warning labels on as well as ingredients, nicotine strength, batch number and more.  Inside the cardboard box is a well presented 20ml plastic bottle with the same warnings that are on the outer box as well  as very nice product leaflet which covers all the safety warnings and information on their products, which they advise you read before using the eliquids. 

The bottle is made from a thick plastic with a large childproof locking cap.  The bottle design is very different from the usual bottles I receive or buy myself, the larger style lid/top looks cool and quirky compared to the standard dripper bottles.  It is not a dripper bottle but a longer thinner nipple/needle style top.

After giving the bottle a good shake up and removing the lid to smell the juice I noticed how thin and runny the liquid looked in the bottle, the smell of the juice was fine but the liquid looked thinner than any juice I had ever seen. This did not put me off trying the liquid at all, in fact I was more curious to see how it would taste and wick. 

National - 4mg
The initial smell from the bottle before reading the description was that of a fresh packet of cigarettes from the shop!  When you would take the plastic seal off the box and open the top to see the all the filters, it had the exact same smell and brought back some memories! 

Now, with that said, I don't like tobacco flavoured liquids at all.  I smoked cigarettes for 7/8 years and quit,  so I don't personally want to vape the same awful flavour as when I smoked  cigarettes! Actually, I never found a "tobacco blend" eliquid which was anywhere near to real tobacco or cigarette taste so I stayed away from them completely and stuck to fruits and dessert liquids; which worked for me but my views, thoughts and tastes differ from others.

I wasn't sure how I was going to test this eliquid as it looked very watery and I thought it might flood a sub ohm tank with large wick holes, and on an RDA it might burn off quickly meaning I can't get a consistent vape; so I decided to play it safe on an older (but still very good) standard tank!  I decided to use my trusty Aspire Nautilus mini with a fresh BVC coil installed sitting on top of my new Innokin Coolfire 4 variable wattage device(review coming in the future on this!) The nautilus has adjustable airflow so I can play with different inhales as well as decent coil for flavour testing in a tank. I filled the tank up and left it to wick with the 'National" juice.

Once I thought the coil had wicked enough I turned the Coolfire on and set it to 9w and gave it a few pulses to test if the coil had flooded/was gurgling.  I noticed the liquid itself in the tank was slightly cloudy, which I wasn't worried about because I know this has a natural glycerin ingredient mixed in.  It was ready to vape and after trying a few different settings I found personally running it on 11W worked well to give me enough of a smooth decent vape. I tried the airflow on different holes also to find the most comfortable to do a mouth to lung inhale.

The inhale was very smooth with a mild throat hit which, with higher PG liquids, I normally associate with a stronger throat hit, but this was quite smooth.  The vapour production for a very thin liquid was decent, not dense huge thick clouds, but a nice more natural and standard sized vapour production.  The flavour was nice! Yes, I liked the tobacco taste, the guy who never liked tobacco liquids or found one that was nice.  Well this is the nicest I personally have tried and most natural tasting one too. It reminds me of a lambert and butler slightly with it not being harsh or disgusting but a slightly sweeter smoother taste.  It does, however for me, leave the same kind of aftertaste of a real cigarette. Perfect for someone who is just giving up smoking and trying to quit because they get the same exact flavour, aftertaste and experience but without all the bad health problems from a real cigarette!

This eliquid personally for me was a smooth and pleasant vape, I even vaped a whole tank of it which I can't do with any other tobacco eliquid!  I haven't and probably won't try this liquid in a sub ohm tank because personally I think it would flood the coil BUT I would probably get an even better flavour and hit I think from more power.  I would definitely recommend this liquid to anyone who is just quitting smoking and wants a nice cigarette tasting e liquid, they do the liquids in 0mg, 4mg, 8mg and 16mg nicotine strengths so a nice wide range of strengths catering for different vapers.  I look forward to trying the full range out and maybe at the end of it all I will run a giveaway over on Facebook, twitter and Instagram where one lucky vape could win the full range from McFlavors!  If you don't follow me on any social media then Search for 510 Vaping and come say hello! 

Find the full range of McFlavor liquids pop over to their website here and have a look at their other flavours (PS there is a 99% discount code on your first purchase also!)


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